Christian Hospital Ambilikkai, Shanthipuram,
Ambilikkai, Dindigul Dist, Tamil Nadu, India, 624612




WHO Project

Early Cancer Detection Programme (ECDP) in collaboration with WHO

In 1999  IARC Screening group (International agency for cancer research )a wing of WHO was started collaborating with our centre  on seeing increased incidence of cervical cancers in  this district 41/100000 vs 32/100000 Chennai cancer registry.A randomized control trial  was initiated  in Dindigul Dt with funding from  BILL GATES foundation  for detecting  premalignant lesion and  early cervical cancers among  female population of age group 30 -59 using low cost screening techniques VIA VILI which  drawn the attention of the researchers globally through the paper published in the LANCET ONCOLOGY 2009  . We could  arrange screening  for women in about 113 village Panchayaths of Dindigul Dt and initiated treatment for premalignant disease as well as for screen picked cancer cervix free of cost. Presently we are  one among the nine centres in INDIA  to initiate HPV vaccination in 10-18 age group female children to prevent cancer cervix, in collaboration with IARC.